Officer Brian Klinefelter was shot and killed while attempting to arrest three suspects who had just robbed a liquor store. He was shot while approaching the suspects’ pickup truck. Two rounds were stopped by his vest, but two others struck him in his neck and waist. He was pronounced dead approximately one hour later. After a chase, the suspects split up. The shooter forced his way into a house and took the owner hostage. He forced the man to drive around police road blocks, and then locked him in the trunk of the car.

A Benton County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the car. The suspect pulled over, got out, and pointed the gun at his head. The deputy ordered the man to drop the gun, but he did not. The deputy shot him once, killing him. The other two suspects were found hiding under a deck and arrested. The two suspects arrested were charged with first degree murder under a law that allow accomplices to be charged with the crime.

Officer Klinefelter was posthumously awarded the first ever Minnesota Medal of Honor for his actions during an incident that had previously occurred in August 1995. His wife accepted the award on his behalf.

He had served with the agency for 2 years and was survived by his wife, 3-month-old daughter, parents, and three siblings.