LEMA License Plates Available for purchase Now!

Thanks to State Legislation the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association (LEMA) is now the recipient of proceeds from the sale of a special license plate!


This plate and the proceeds we receive help support our organization in many ways, including these services we provide:

1) Line Of Duty Deaths & Funerals – Provide immediate support to surviving family members and law enforcement agencies after a peace officer Line Of Duty Death (LODD) by-
a. Assisting in the coordination and facilitation of all aspects of the funeral arrangements.
b. Providing emergent financial needs of the surviving family, as needed.
c. Meeting with the surviving family to assist in identifying and collecting all federal, state, and local benefits available.

2) Annual Events to Honor Fallen Officers – Conduct annual events to recognize and honor fallen MN peace officers, as well as surviving family members and law enforcement agencies, as well as the broader law enforcement community, including-
a. Managing and conducting services on National Law Enforcement Memorial Day (May 15) at the MN Law Enforcement Memorial Monument.

3) MN LEMA Honor Guard – Management and supervision of the state-wide LEMA Honor Guard which is involved in fallen peace officer funerals and various ceremonial functions around the state. The MN LEMA Honor Guard plays a critical role in honoring and paying last respects to fallen officers and survivors during peace officer funerals, as well as representing law enforcement in general

4) On-Going Support For Survivors – Provide on-going support and activities to surviving family members to allow them to connect with other families and let them know their loved one is “never forgotten,” including-
a. Conducting family survivor events during the year which provides survivors an opportunity to relate to each other and establish important contacts.
b. Reaching out to young children of fallen officers at Christmas time by shopping for a gift in memory of their fallen parent.

5) Honor Guard Camp – Conduct an annual Honor Guard camp which trains peace officers from throughout the United States in order that their departments can properly develop honor guard units and manage fallen peace officer funerals.

6) Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Monument – Advocate for the preservation and maintenance of the MN Law Enforcement Memorial Monument on the state capitol grounds in St. Paul.

7) Model Line Of Duty Death Policies – Assist law enforcement agencies in developing policies and procedures in the handling of LODD.

You may order your initial LEMA plate(s) at any Deputy Registrar office.

After the initial issuance the owner may renew the plate online, by mail or at a Deputy Registrar office.

The plate is available for owners of passenger cars, pickup trucks (such as the F-150, F-250, and F-350), self-propelled recreational vehicles and for motorcycles. Law Enforcement agencies may also order “POLICE” plates for their patrol vehicles.

There is a minimum $25 first-time contribution with an additional $5 annual contribution with the registration renewal.

To find a Deputy Registrar Office near you go to: https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/locations/Pages/find-office-locations.aspx