While working his traffic assignment, thirty-year veteran Officer Jerry Haaf decided to take a coffee break. He went to the Pizza Shack, which was a favorite south side restaurant that police officers had frequented for many years.

Officer Haaf was seated in the restaurant with several other people. As he read the newspaper two assailants from the street gang, “Vice Lords,“ came from behind and fired several bullets into his back. The two murderers, ran from the restaurant as Officer Haaf lay on the floor mortally wounded calling for help on his portable radio. Another patron who had been sitting at the same table, was wounded at the same time Officer Haaf was executed.

After the murderers fled, a retired Minneapolis officer and other patrons went to Officer Haaf’s aid. Moments later police officers arrived and started administering first aid. Officer Haaf was taken to the County Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

A multi-agency investigation into the murder of Officer Jerry Haaf was started. After months of work and hundreds of pages of statements and interviews, the killers were convicted and sent to prison. One subject was sentenced to life and three others sentenced to 30 years.

Officer Haaf was a few months from retirement; He is survived by his wife, daughter and two sons.