Deputy Felt was shot and killed by a man waiting to be jailed for contempt of court conviction.

The suspect had been arrested one month earlier and convicted of a DUI. When he failed to pay the fine he was called back to court and sentenced to 30 days. The suspect was not searched at the time of his court appearance or when he was taken into custody after the sentencing. When Deputy Felt arrived to transport the subject to the Fergus Falls Jail the suspect drew a hidden firearm and opened fire.

The suspect was armed with 9 mm handguns in his belt, a .25 caliber handgun in his pocket, and a .357 caliber handgun in his boot. The suspect fled but was later shot and killed after a short chase. More ammunition and a pipe bomb were found in his truck.

Deputy Felt was survived by his wife, two brothers, and parents. In 2000 a park near Alexandria was named after him.