This morning, Heather and I participated in probably the most physically grueling endeavor of our lives....  We completed a 20 mile bike ride, a 4 mile run, and a 7 mile bike ride.  While we have trained very diligently for the last eight weeks, we did not anticipate that our entire race would be into a 15 mph headwind and mostly straight up hill terrain that is Central Minnesota in September (as can be shown by the flags in the transition area)!!


As we began our training, we quickly decided we wanted to dedicate this physical challenge to something higher than ourselves and we decided on LEMA.  It was a high privilege to do today's race in honor of the 277 MN Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty and their survivors!!  As we were having dinner last night, Heather very eloquently said, "as this gets hard tomorrow, I want to remember that I'm doing this with you in honor of the spouses who would love the opportunity to participate in something like this with their fallen officer but can't."  In addition to the "Band Of Blue" shirts that we wore to show people at the race what we were doing, we "tatted up" with and two bible verses (Isaiah 40:31 and Matthew 5:9) to tell others what we were doing and remind ourselves.  As we were riding this morning, I received a notification that Agent Edwin Pabon-Robles of the Puerto Rico Police Department was killed in a traffic accident early this morning.  Agent Pabon-Robles is survived by his wife and two children.  I shared this with Heather while we were riding as a reminder of what we were doing.  As we crossed the finish line together (thanks to EPD Officer Tom Olson for being there to cheer us on and congratulate us!!!), the magnitude of both this accomplishment for us and the honor that we had for representing was almost overwhelming!!!


Thanks to those that have encouraged us in this journey and to those that have been diligently praying for us!!  Also, thanks very much to the generous donors that allowed us to raise over $3,500 for MN LEMA (well surpassing our goal!!!)  We are humbled by your generosity and encouragement of us!!!


Very sincerely!!!


Brian & Heather Hubbard



Kate Beahen representing the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association on September 11 at Minnesota Twins game.

These beautiful and meaningful lawn signs were created by the family of Rogers Police Officer Jeff Beck, with the majority of the proceeds going directly to LEMA. These signs give families and businesses the chance to show their support for law enforcement during these socially challenging times. Each sign is constructed of durable core-plastic, with printing on both sides and equipped with a sturdy metal stand. Signs will be shipped directly to your mailing address. Thanks for your support!

yards sign1

ST. PAUL (KMSP) - For 24 hours straight, police officers from throughout Minnesota will stand in silent vigil at the Peace Officers’ Memorial in St. Paul. The officers are honoring the 277 Minnesota officers who have died in the line of duty. This is in part of Law Enforcement Memorial Day in Minnesota, which is Sunday.

Honor guards from the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association started standing guard at 7 p.m. Saturday. Officers will take 20-minute shifts until Sunday evening.



Brackets for Good Competitors come together to dedicate $15,000 to provide housing grants to Minnesota Law Enforcement families with critically ill and seriously injured children in the hospital
(Minneapolis) At a press conference accepting a $10,000 prize for winning the 2016 Twin Cities Brackets for Good Tournament, Spare Key announced it will be designating the funds for Minnesota Law Enforcement families with critically ill and seriously injured children in the hospital.

In addition, the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association announced it was donating an additional $5,000 to Spare Key to be used for the initiative. According to both organizations funders are likely to continue to add to the fund.

“We are so pleased to come together as two great Minnesota non-profits to help serve Minnesota Law Enforcement families with critically ill and seriously injured children,” said Jeff Beahen, President of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association. “This is the true spirit of the Brackets for Good competition which is to come together as a community to see what we can do to multiply our support on behalf of Minnesota families.”
Brackets for Good is a non-profit fundraising event modeled after the highly popular NCAA March Madness Brackets. At the beginning of the tournament 64 Minnesota non-profits competed for to win a $10,000 prize donated by SUPERAMERICA/Northern Tier Retail, LLC. The last two non-profits were Spare Key and the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association.

“We never saw this as trying to defeat another non-profit,” said Erich Mische, Spare Key Executive Director. “We saw this as a collective opportunity to raise the profile of each organization and let people know about the important work we all do. It is our honor and privilege to partner with the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association to serve families whose children are facing a major health crisis. That, in the end, is a victory that everyone benefits from as a result of Brackets for Good.”

Brackets for Good celebration at Spare Key had a good LEMA representation. We had two HG members in full uniform there as well-who stood at attention during the entire conference and directly where all the cameras were pointed.

Spare Key invited all of the non-profits involved in Brackets.

Spare Key announced that they were taking their extra $10,000 they won, and placing it into a dedicated LEMA account as promised. At that point S.A. announced that they were adding an additional $10,000 to Spare Key for LE families only . 

I announced that we were giving $5,000 to that same account. Many tears in the audience and the recognition of LEMA by all was simply amazing to all who attended.

Better yet-at the end, S.A. account VP's took me aside and told me they are sending us a check for $5,000 for all we have done, and the manner in which we have treated all of the other Bracket groups.

I am speechless, but thrilled with this relationship, the pride everyone from LEMA had today as this was all announced and the connections forged today that will benefit LEMA in the long run. Not to make any promises, but I heard that two major benefactors there are contemplating donating to our cause.

Too all who attended, and those who could not-please add this to our list of LEMA's finest moments

Thank you
Jeffrey Beahen President
Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association

four person scramble. Maximum 288 entries accepted. Tournament held rain or shine. Open to all Full/Part-time and Retired Law Enforcement, Judges, Attorneys, and Survivors. This is a charity/corporate sponsored golf tournament.

Brackets For Good

18 March 2016

Brackets For Good is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps build awareness, raise funds, and expand marketing capabilities for local nonprofits through competitive, online fundraising tournaments. This an amazing opportunity for LEMA not only raise awareness but to see some substantial donations. Please take a moment to view the video below on how it works. Help get LEMA to the next round- click here to view the live bracket.

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Honoring Law Enforcment Who Have Given The Ultimate Sacrifice. 

LEMA is dedicated to assisting the families and home agencies of those law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

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