Board Minutes

July 2016 Board Minutes

June 2016 Board Minutes

HCSO Patrol Station-Brooklyn Park

Meeting called to order at 1504 hours.

Present: Beahen, Neuberger, Hubbard, Chaplain Carlson, McLoud, Erickson, Johnson, Schwanke, Felt, McAllister, Cronquist, Crawford

Absent: Kritzeck, Kaulfuss, Reetz, Rygg, Thomalla, Cousins

Consent agenda: Approved (Minutes from April and current Treasurer’s report)

Committee Reports:

  • Membership: All is going well. There are some slight issues with the decals on the Blue Line plaques, but that has been resolved through a new paint application versus the decal process. There are just a handful left to distribute. Overall response has been good-with favorable comments from those who were sent the membership challenge coins.
  • LODD Committee: Almost done. Reviewing the LODD packet and have some small changes. Also looking at the LODD checklist and have one revision to make. Doing an inventory of all LEMA equipment, including HG supplies to determine what we have on hand-including items we may have stored at a PD or in our homes. Researching the need for a trailer or unit to hold board supplies-so everything is in one place. Will be updating the current survivor benefit packet and will be developing a new package related to those updates. It was noted that the HG trailers have not been serviced or are not getting routine maintenance done. (Wheel bearings, tires, brakes) Discussion included this work being done by a City or County-but due to the liability it was decided to have this done with LEMA paying to reduce any liability on a government body. Motion made and approved by all to get this maintenance done. Motion by Hubbard-seconded by Cronquist.
  • Ryder Cup: Excellent fundraising opportunity and a chance to see the Ryder Cup-which is sold out. Need to let friends, family and staff know about this, and have those who are interested contact Lori Sp-ringer by e-mail to sign up for the dates and time you wish to work. We earn $60-$75 for each shift filled. Lori at Spare Key is coordinating all of the shifts, so please don’t e-mail Beahen or anyone else with your desire to fill shifts-instead e-mail here direct at
  • Memorial Repairs: The legislative sessions ended without the ability to get a bill passed to repair the memorial. Although we had three bill authors-they did not have the chance to present a bill, as all bonding sessions were not held. (Due to the bi-partisan divide over the excess State revenues) There is no opportunity during the potential special session, and it will have to hold until the full session returns next year.
  • By-Law Committee: Has not met yet, but Hubbard has put together a draft by-law document for review, and has spoken with Attorney Susan Link who has agreed to review the by-laws for no charge.
  • May 15 th Debrief: Comments included no need to hire a professional photographer, as there are plenty volunteers who will take photos. All agreed-BUT- photos need to be added to the drop box so everyone has access to these photos following any event. We have tons of photos, but not where everyone can access them when needed. New stage was good, harder for vendor to set-up, but looks more professional. TV monitors with scrolling PowerPoint was liked by survivors. Everyone liked the new wooden wreath built by Thomalla-very nice presentation. Had too many carnations cut-extras had been added to the box which meant we had way more than 277-that created a bog down. Need to keep an eye on that next year. One officer saluted the wreath after placing a carnation and others copied-which really slowed things down. Suggested that the speaker or another member place the first carnation next year-and maybe do a salute off to the side- which others would then follow-preventing some of the gridlock that occurred. There was too much food let over afterwards-need to make a decision on amount of food-and maybe even something lighter, easier to save afterwards. (Finger food-deserts)
  • Standing of the Guard: On-line registration went well, but need to make the Google document or potential Flipcause integration show all the potential time slots that are available. This year it only looked like there were four slots per hour. This year was a Band-Aid, just a quick fix. We have time now to improve this application so it works even better next year. Also need to make sure that when departments sign up-they include the names of their officers so we can check to see their years of standing and have recognition prepared. McAllister will work on these improvements. HG discussed changing the parade route to get the flags away from the trees. May come down from the front of the Capital like the first year. That will be reviewed during a HG Command Staff Meeting later this month. On-line wreath sign-up went very well-no one was sure how the wreaths showed up on the standing schedule, but we suspect that might be related to Rygg’s work and integration. Need to work on recruiting the larger agencies to cover the slack times-not just St. Paul
  • Golf Tournament: Kritzeck unable to attend today due to a case assignment. There has been a great deal of miscommunication about the tournament and the relationship we have developed with Spare Key. There was lengthy discussion about the need for transparency and openness between board members and members in general. A very honest and open discussion was held about LEMA’s mission and the relationships we are developing with other organizations. All agreed that it is best for all board members to be frank and open during the meetings, and if there are concerns or issues-to voice them with respect, at the board level, versus the use of informal communications outside the meetings or not being inclusive of all of the board. All agreed that we have to be willing to have tough conversations at the table each month-done with respect and with others being willing to listen. That said, the following discussion was had:
    • All agreed that there was a potential lack of information that went out-outside the board, to others, about the new golf relationship with Spare Key-and the benefits to LEMA.
    • Kritzeck had gotten a text message from LELS member Jake Ayers voicing concern over the changes to the LEMA tournament and the involvement with Spare Key. One of the concerns was that the tournament was no longer honoring Tim Bowe, and the involvement of the non-cops in the mix the day of the tournament. He wants a face-to- face meeting with Steve.
    • The tournament was changed from the Tim Bowe Memorial after the 10 th year. Denise Bowe approached Kevin Smith and Beahen and asked that the tournament name be dropped, as she felt ten years was long enough and it was time for she and her family to move on. That said-it was changed to the LEMA Memorial with recognition being paid to all fallen officers.
    • The board had decided based on the lack of funds being raised at the tournament, that a sunset date for this event was going to be next year. Although we embrace the idea of this being a fraternal event-the primary purpose must remain a fundraiser. We are simply not in the position of funding a fun day for cops on a golf course, no matter how near and dear to our hearts the event is.
    • Law enforcement typically has not supported this tournament in terms of either donations and spending money on auctions. As Kaulfuss earlier reported, donors like Larry Klink who has donated a plane ride, and others who have given vacations and trips as gifts-are no longer willing to do so-as the money raised is of far less value than the items being donated.
    • Cronquist pointed out that there was a lack of transparency in our message and lack of information that went out concerning the changes. All agreed that there needed to be clearer communication and for a committee approach to the tournament. Beahen reminded everyone that we beg for volunteers for this event each year-and few step to the plate. Kritzeck will be advised that Cronquist is willing to help with this event.
    • Discussion followed on general fundraising versus our overall mission, and there was a unanimous voice from those in attendance that the direction the board is headed is a healthy one-as the more connections we have, the better chance we have to solicit funds, volunteers or other assistance.
    • Hubbard made a motion that was intended to show the board support for these partnerships (like Spare Key) and the motion was to support the blending of outside relationships with the intent to bolster the mission of LEMA, through partnerships like Spare Key. This was seconded by Cronquist and voted by full approval by the board.
    • The next step is to clarify our partnership with Spare Key via editorials to MPPOA, the MN Chiefs, MN Sheriff’s and the Troopers Association, explaining why LEMA is partnering with groups like Spare Key, and the benefits for us to partner with others.
    • We need to explain as well – that we had the chance to cancel the tournament Wednesday before noon – if we did, we got a complete refund. If we did not-and could not golf Friday due to the predicted storms, we are out almost $20,000, and would have to pay again for the re-schedule date. Based on the storm projection, that seemed like the best idea and plan. Could we have golfed on Friday? When the weather changed-perhaps. But that was a $20,000 gamble and not one we could afford.
    • In response to the Spare Key concerns. Clarification: Their tournament was the following Friday afternoon-and like us, they were having trouble not with fundraising, but getting enough golfers. They realized that their donors post-Brackets, were very interested in LEMA. By aligning the two tournaments, they agreed to split all of their profits 50/50. Typically-they raise between $40,000 - $70,000. Their donors have deep pockets and are willing to donate. We then had the potential to go from a projected $2-3,000 profit to a $20,000-$30,000 profit. From a business perspective-that choice only had one outcome.
    • Spare Key would have golfed on one course, LEMA would be on the other. The only blending of the two groups would be at lunch and for the auction.
    • There is a misunderstanding of LEMA’s return support of Spare Key. Some believe we are given them blanket fiscal support. That is not true. We have donated and have agreed to support them in their funding of a program that can only be used for the families of law enforcement officers who have children who are either terminally ill of critically ill, and need help making mortgage payments.
    • Although this does not directly align with the mission of supporting fallen officers and their families-it does fall under our general umbrella of supporting officers and departments as a whole. We face deaths infrequently, and this opens a door to help officers and their families on a much broader scope and with little to no financial support required from us.
    • Most important – relationships like these are allowing us to create networks and awareness within segments of the community we have never been able to reach. The value of those connections is immeasurable.
    • The board approved the tournament moving forward on September 13 th -with the Spare Key group being involved. They continue to offer their paid staff and board support to help our cause, which brings a tremendous depth of support to the fall event.
  • Ecumenical Service: This is scheduled for October 2 nd , 2016 at 1500 hours at Word of Peace Church in Rogers. Before fully investing in this, Chaplain Carlson was asked to lead dialogue on the premise and intent of an Ecumenical Service (A Christian based service) versus what we actually have. (A memorial service) During a very lengthy discussion the following points were made:
    • A true Ecumenical service is a church service, typically Christian based, without the reading of names, speakers and presentations.
    • That said-we have to be cautious in how we move forward, as there are significant numbers of Jewish, Muslim and Agnostic officers who may feel uncomfortable at such a service.
    • Solutions might be to change the faith location of the service, alternating between religions, or make the service truly inter-faith.
    • Chaplain Carlson did not think there was enough time to change the format between now and October.
    • He sees a faith-based committee approach to determine what the service would consist of.
    • McAllister and Hubbard asked what image or basic idea Carlson had in how it might look. The response was it would take many working together to determine what the best format would be. Regardless-use of “Ecumenical” is miss-leading, as that is not what our service is.
    • Founder Crawford was asked how this all began, and he filled the board in on how this started 30 plus years ago. It was created by those who asked about having a service to remember the fallen officers in a church like setting. (May 15th had no formal service and it later evolved and consisted of the standing of the guard at the Airport, with no formal service like we have today.
    • Hubbard made a strong point of illustrating that we are essentially conducting two memorial service each year, that they are very much alike, and there may not be value of continuing the Ecumenical, as it is not well attended and it duplicates our May 15th event.
    • There was discussion of the value (and accuracy) of surveys, and if we are actually capturing the needs of surviving families and departments, and what piece would be missed if we drop this event.
    • It appears that the reading of names and adding the ribbon to the flag is the biggest loss.
    • Johnson added that we could personalize this by conducting a ribbon service in the community and even the church, that the fallen officer attended. Typically that would involve one, maybe two such services a year. All agreed that this idea was appealing and should be followed up on.
    • A motion was made to continue forward with the service in October following our current format, and if the board elects to continue in 2017, to have a committee with Chaplain Carlson involved to determine what the format might be.
  • HG Camp: Currently 22-registered, moving forward at the regular scheduled pace. Has been a request to have the HG travel to another state to put on a camp for 80-0 attendees. A previous experience resulted in an unfortunate fatal accident involving a LEMA member and a LEMA trailer being pulled by a City vehicle. The work comp litigation and lawsuits associated with that accident went on for years. Discussion was potentially favorable for this, but as offered by the outside agency, would occur if they provided all of the training caskets and supplies so the LEMA trailers were not involved.
  • Fall Family Event: Currently Xcel does not have any events other than hockey planned for this fall-but they expect shows to book soon. We will stay in contact to see if there is one fitting for our families.
  • Web Site: McAllister reported that he had some downtime with staff, but is caught up with events and photos. Reminded everyone to use the drop box so he has access to photos. He has been trying to capture more action photos to represent what we do- (LEMA in action). All board members have been asked to send him events that we would like to see posted on our web-page. Police department events, open houses, community events, those types of things. Hubbard suggested posting our minutes on the web-page to improve transparency.
  • Old Business:
    • Governor’s May 15 th proclamation has been framed for the Sandberg Family. Need a time to present that.
    • McLoud asked about finding a place to have our flag ribbons printed-the current location is very expensive. Felt is checking on a source.
    • Beahen questioned the floral bill for May 15 th . Seemed high. McLoud reported that he has checked all over-the deal we get is a good one. (Later clarification was we get the carnations for $1.25 each-which is really a great deal)
  • New Business:
    • Change of address. Board members are aware that our delivery box address folded after the business closed. We are using Crawford’s home as a temporary mailing address. Need a location central to more than one or two, looking for a more permanent solution, can’t use a PO box-need a street address.
    • McLoud researched this, found that the Post Office has mailing addresses at several locations that do not include a PO Box. They are much cheaper than UPS boxes, and more accessible. (Neuberger and Hubbard)
    • The Post Office in Edina offers the street address, and Edina PD can have CSO’s put this on their daily schedule.
    • Johnson made a motion to approve changing our address to the Edina Post Office, seconded by Hubbard-approved by all. Hubbard will set this up.
    • Donation to MN Police Band. Beahen had a discussion with the Pipe Band on May 15th about their funding, and how much they do for LEMA free of charge. They are willing to participate in events representing LEMA as a fundraiser-like community parades. They are will to represent LEMA in Rogers on June 25th , their parade fee is $1,300 but will take any donation we give, as long as they are representing us. Crawford made a motion to approve a $750 donation, seconded by Beahen, approved by all.

No further business. Meeting was adjourned at 1720 hours.

Recorded in absence of secretary by President Beahen

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